I don’t usually go negative here, but this is really more of a fond recollection of terribleness than a complaint…

I’ve been making up for a 26-year-old gap in my knowledge by watching Hot Dog… The Movie (in installments, because it’s very bad, and I say this as a lover of the genre). Naturally, there’s plenty of montages with folks skiing over a classic 80s soundtrack — and when I say “classic,” I don’t mean like “Hungry Like The Wolf” (although that song’s featured during a party scene). I mean classically awful, with parts of the 80s that nobody likes to remember — such as terrible, horrifyingly produced music performed by people whose integrity got swallowed up in the tide.

Mitch Ryder (with production by John Mellencamp), destroying what I had mistakenly thought was an undestroyable song.

I will say, in the movie’s defense, that the instrumental soundtrack is charming, and it’s hard to resist the kind of hard-partying extreme athletes who compete in freestyle, moguls, and BALLET:

… and what the hell, as long as I’m near the subject I might as well show you my ALL TIME FAVORITE 80s MOVIE MUSIC MOMENT. Ladies and gentlemen, the tractor chicken race from Footloose, which has me rooting for the bad guy every time:


Hooray for America! Here’s the mighty Titus Andronicus performing “The Battle of Hampton Roads” from their instant classic The Monitor for the website For No One, which films bands playing for nobody but the film crew (in the 80s, we called this “shooting a video,” but times change, right?).

Is there a human alive ain’t looked themself in the face without winking, or saying what they mean without drinking, without leaving something without thinking “What if somebody doesn’t approve?”

Is there a song on this earth that isn’t too frightened to move?


The Odor That She Smelt Must Have Changed The Way She Felt

by Kevin Vegetables on October 13, 2010

… and now I watch TV all by myself.

Southern Culture On The Skids – The Little Things from Ditch Diggin’


Here’s their classic version of “Daddy Was A Preacher But Mama Was A Go-Go Girl” (you can find Joanna Neel’s original in this mind-boogling collection of country go-go songs on our beloved WFMU’s Beware Of The Blog):


I Can’t Feel It. Nope, I Can’t Feel Shit.

by Kevin Vegetables on October 11, 2010

There’s been a bunch of noise about Salem and similar bands, but I didn’t really give em the time of day, most likely because they’ve been tagged with yet another silly genre name. Really, there’s plenty of genres already — we don’t need to subdivide everything until every genre has only three bands in it. Especially on the internet, where you can listen to the music instead of trying to classify it.

Anyways, the fine folks at Aquarius were gaga for Salem’s debut King Night, so I figgered I’d take another listen. I must like it because I played it three times in a row, but this song (which I missed during my first Salem sampling) is a super standout lock for the year-end mix. Three cheers for second chances.

Salem – Trapdoor from King Night (IAMSOUND)



I Gotta Know-Oh

by Kevin Vegetables on October 7, 2010

I’m mighty glad there’s bands like No Age out there — good-hearted vegan dudes out there doing their best for the peoples. If you’re worried because your kid is hanging out at some place called The Smell and listening to No Age, I say he’s probably doing just fine.

No Age – Fever Dreaming from Everything In Between




I Got So Lucky Witchoo

by Kevin Vegetables on October 5, 2010

Of Montreal’s 2007 masterpiece and official Hello Vegetables Grand Achievementâ„¢ Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? was 50% ruthless self-examination, 50% stone-ass FONK. Two albums later, delovely crackpot Kevin Barnes has put the two great tastes together on the best-of-2010 False Priest.

Of Montreal – I Feel Ya’ Strutter from False Priest (Polyvinyl — available as a sweet red 2xLP!)

Catch their unmissable live show at the Warfield on October 29.



Floating And Floating And Floating

by Kevin Vegetables on October 4, 2010

Here’s a little local love to ease you into the week — just close your eyes and listen to this all day and nobody can hurt you.

Eskmo – Cloudlight from Eskmo (Ninja Tune)

You can catch Eskmo at the Ninja Tune XX fiesta Oct. 20 at 1015 Folsom, alongside Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, DJ Food, An-Ten-Nae, and other sonic luminaries.



At One O’Clock I Take My Lunch Up On The Roof

by Kevin Vegetables on September 30, 2010

I’ve always said that the one thing Belle & Sebastian lacked was an Afro pick.

Problem solved.

“Write About Love”

“Piazza, New York Catcher”


You know your perfume? Well it won’t let me be.

(I don’t think that it’s necessarily because I was STONE IN LOVE when I first heard this song that I think it’s so perfect, but I’m sure it helps.)

Tom Waits – Fumblin’ With The Blues from The Heart Of Saturday Night

How you gonna like em? Over medium or scrambled?
“Invitation To The Blues/Eggs & Sausage” (Germany, 1977)


Eating Inchworms Down By The Billabong

by Kevin Vegetables on September 27, 2010

So what if I dreamed about meeting Nick Cave and Warren Ellis at some festival? At least I got the opportunity to tell Warren Ellis that the new Grinderman album is “lewd but playful.”

St. Nick and Grinderman/Bad Seeds drummer Jim Sclavunos are doing the interview circuit, and I highly recommend this insightful interview in the Quietus. (And as long as you’re there, why not read this 2009 interview with Warren Ellis waxing on about shoes and beards?)

Here’s “Worm Tamer” on Jools Holland:

If you desire more of the Cave/Sclavunos show, Pitchfork has an interview that’s less insightful but still pretty fun, touching on wolf urine and having accommodations in “the bad end of a Bret Easton Ellis novel.”

Get your Grind on November 29 at the Warfield.