Helloooooooo Hiatus!

by Kevin Vegetables on January 29, 2011

Where have I been?

Looks like the month I took off the internet really caught on. I’m a big fan of the real world, and I’m trying to use the  internet as little as is practical.

I’ve got all sorts of questions as to how the internet is affecting people’s relationship with music — it sure is an amazing promotional device and music-publishing platform. I can’t thank it enough for hurting the major labels.

It’s easier than ever to be exposed to all sorts of music, which is mostly a very good thing. But the ease with which music is discovered and acquired, combined with the internet’s need for endless novelty, favors a broad but shallow relationship. Looking for 5+ songs a week to post can do the same thing.

I like the way radio works. You can play a song once every show if you love it. You can’t really do that on a blog: “Hey, here’s that Joanna Newsom song I posted two days ago. Isn’t it great?”

Just some half-formed ruminations. If I waited until I had a coherent statement, it would be March. Baby Vegetables is very demanding of my time.

I hope that some of the 700+ songs I’ve posted have created new, deep relationships, and I hope to use this space in the future once I sort out my relationship to the 21st century.

Take care, and please don’t forget that a Facebook account is not mandatory.



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