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La La La Stringbean

by Kevin Vegetables on April 7, 2010

The Debutante HourI’m not sure when the Bluesix Acoustic Room on 24th & Treat opened, but it was new to me, and I’m glad I got hepped to it (thanks, bro!). A lovely, intimate place run by music lovers. Love, seven nights a week.

I caught (borough of New York City)’s Debutante Hour there last Friday and got a nice reminder of why it’s good to go see music that’s brand-new to you.

I’m really enjoying the resurgence of cabaret-style music, and I loved the way the Debutante Hour kicked it down with the three-part harmonies, accordion, and cello. Their wonderfully titled debut album The Birth And Death Of Meaning (produced by rock abandoner Franz Nicolay) is packed with traditional-sounding songs about contemporary issues that concern us all: drowning lovers, rubber vaginas, and whether Kate Bush is an alien.

The Debutante Hour – Your Worldview Gets Me Down from The Birth And Death Of Meaning

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