Bonus Beats:
No More Foolin’ Around For Me With Permits And Escorts And Picnics For Peace

by Kevin Vegetables on October 12, 2009

Still trying to wedge you in some more music amongst all this festival shtuff…

Guignol and Mischief BrewToday’s bonus beats come from the combined talents of  Guignol & Mischief Brew, who joined forces to bang out a seedy slab of music you might be tempted to call “gypsy” something or maybe “punk” with a hyphen or a carny  somewhere, but why call when you can listen and dance? CLARINET, PEPPLES!

Guignol & Mischief Brew – Branks

Guignol & Mischief Brew – Fight Dirty

Both tracks are from Fight Dirty, which comes out tomorrow Oct. 13 on Fistolo.

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